LinkedIn Job Search App Reviews

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Mildly Good.

I like LinkedIn. Trust me. The app is wonderful. The company is great. But there are points where the jobs app is lacking. Improve these: • the user interface is ugly • the glitches are many • the jobs are sometimes expired • discrepancies between the app and the company website • recommendations not relevant because they dont take into account experience level • difficult and near-impossible to fill out an application Please improve these quickly!

Wonderful App

I love the ease all around.

Great potential

This site seems pretty up to date and cover top employers from across the nation and into other parts of the world.


It helped me to find my dream job

Great app

You should download it NOW !!!

Thoughtful app

LinkedIn job app has a great user interface easy to integrate Google drive to upload your resume very thoughtful app


Its not bad

Great app

This is a great tool and very helpful!! Highly recommend !!!

Room for improvement

When clicking on a specific company logo, it no longer posts all the jobs available from the company. I have to switch back to regular LinkedIn app to see all jobs.

Perfect Job Search App!

Provides valuable information for your job search! Keeps your job search separate from your connections, in case you want to keep your search secret. Can setup very specific searches for the type of job you are looking for, with or without notifications. Works best with a premium LinkedIn account but still extremely helpful if you dont have one. You not only see the detailed job description but can also click the company logo to read more about the company. AND THE BEST PART ... If one of your connections works at the company, their name and pic show up! You can contact them to see if they know any connections or just learn more about the company! The only thing I wish were different - it would be wonderful if all companies had to use the "in apply" function. It is so convenient. Ive almost stopped applying to companies who make you fill out long applications on their website.

Really nice app

The best app for job hunters


Great app, easy to navigate & user friendly! Sometimes you can apply to a position in seconds! Recommended

The place to look

I love it because it is real time, its trust worthy, and easy to use. Your updated on new job postings daily and when the job postings are no longer available. I know these are quality companies and Im not signing up for a scam. Lastly, you have the option for 1-click applications!

Simple and Great

Only by separating jobs from network, posts and market news this app does what says.


Excellent and Convenient

Needs Landscape Opt

This app needs a landscape option for IPAD. Unable to use IPAD keyboard when using app.

Thank you Linkedin! :)

I am honored how I have been represented on your web site. I am hoping it lands me a job!

Easy to use

Great app with LinkedIn integration. It takes a total of one click to apply for a job.

Not good in search

Search functionality, which is the basis of this app, is very basic. Does not have advanced search functionality. Cannot search by a keyword in title, etc.

Just ok

Could have more granular search built in.

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