LinkedIn Job Search App Reviews

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Improve search

It should be great to have the opportunity to choose the geographic area instead of only one country


Filtres limites

Very useful

Much needed app to separate LinkedIn social and professional aspects.

Excelent app for job seekers

This is the most recommended way to start looking for a job in the western world b

Easy to use

Easy to use


This app work very well.


O Melchior

Bem pratico!

Bem Pratico!

Simple and Great

Only by separating jobs from network, posts and market news this app does what says.

One of the....

.... better apps in this space

Hit and miss - in fairnessonly started to use it (less than 8hrs)

Disappointing. Many times hitting the LinkedIn in button that is supposed to represent that you CAN apply through LinkedIn resulted in an error message. A large percent of the companies still dont allow you to send via LinkedIn so youre prompted to leave the app. This flags to me that LinkedIn still needs to do some work on capturing the needs of these companies if they want to compete with sites such as indeed, Workopolis, Monster. Ill keeping using it to provide more feedback.

Location filter does not work.

If you chose one location it always shows jobs from other locations. Want spam jobs?

Does not filter location

Even though you set your customized searches up to narrow jobs within your location, you have 1000s of jobs pushed to your device from all over.

Great app

Excellent layout and easy to use

Seen great so far

Hope that helps me find a job


Perfect app to use


MUST fix location filter! Even when filtering by location and regions within 10miles of the chosen city, it keeps displaying jobs all across the country (from Toronto to Vancouver). It makes it impossible to use the app.

Thanks Linkedin

Thanks to this app I found the job I was looking for! Amazing!

Nice job

Good application, it doesnt crash as others comments say. It works well in my iPhone. I like the fact that its independent of the LinkedIn main app.


Working great for the past 8 months

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